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Food Shopping


Durban – A small convenient supermarket -15 minutes away.


Sigean – Intermarche: A good size supermarket - 25 minutes away.


Daily Bread

Saint Jean de Barrou - Pick up a baguette and croissant in the town hall here! - 5 minutes away.

Durban - Two boulangeries are available here - one in the supermarket and one further into the village. The latter sends a bread van into Embres if you can catch it as it passes through! - 15 minutes away.


Olive Oil

Saint Jean de Barrou - Visit the Moulin d'olive to buy some oil either for your holiday (perfect with your baguette) or as a gift - they have a great selection of flavours that you can taste in the shop!



There are several petrol stations available in the area as well so you shouldn't have to worry about running low during a drive through the valleys of the corbiéres!

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Food Shopping


Clara (toward Perpignan) – Carrefour: A large hypermarket at an out of town precinct selling everything! - 40 minutes away.

Narbonne – Another large hypermarket - 35 minutes away.



There are many types of markets around, from car boot, to local craft products, to fruit and vegetables. There is always something interesting to explore and some put on a very reasonable lunch too.


There's a great Indoor food Market in Narbonne. They sell fresh produce, cheese, olives, bread and fish – it’s a very well known market and a really great experience.

There is also a very popular outdoor market with more than 300 stalls on both sides of the Robine, outside the indoor food market.


Open air market at Perpignan and If you like Antiques and bric-a-brac try Allees Maillol.